Become Involved with TASCS

Become involved with TASCS

There are a number of opportunities to become involved with TASCS, through committee participation, board service, testifying and other activities.


TASCS is always looking for ASC professionals to serve on its standing committees. They present an opportunity to see how the Society works and participate in activities that directly benefit TASCS members and the ASC industry.

Facility visits

From time to time TASCS organizes legislator visits to surgery centers. These are opportunities to highlight individual centers and the industry as a whole. Facility visits increase the visibility of the ASC industry and educate our lawmakers on the contributions that ASCS make every day.


By participating in the Texas Ambulatory Surgery Center PAC, contributors provide the industry with valuable resources to promote surgery center interests at the legislative level.

Legislative fly-ins

For those interested in public policy, government and the legislative process, the annual Washington Fly-In, organized in conjunction with the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (ASCA), provides an opportunity to meet directly with lawmakers and advocate for the surgery center industry.


During the legislative sessions, TASCS is always in need of surgery center professionals to testify before House and Senate committees. Legislators prefer to hear directly from those that would be directly affected by a particular bill and want to know how a particular piece of legislation will impact a constituent in their district.

Become a TASCS Member

Become a member support the Texas ASC Society's ability to advocate for Texas surgery centers.