Join the Texas ASC Society

The Texas ASC Society is the only organization dedicated to the representation of Texas surgery centers. TASCS' facility members allow the Texas ASC Society to provide legislative and regulatory advocacy and valuable resources that allow Texas surgery centers to stay competitive and deliver high quality, cost effective care.

Quick reference membership FAQs

There are two types of TASCS membership:
Facility membership benefits:

Up to date information on issues critical to the ASC industry: accreditation, regulations, management, reimbursement, state and federal quality and cost reporting, ethics, managed care and insurance, benchmarking and much more. TASCS makes these numerous and valuable resources easy to locate on its website and ensures that the source content is reliable and authoritative. Many materials, such as the Texas surgery center salary survey, are only available to TASCS members.

Regular communication through newsletters, email notices, alerts, conferences, webinars and community forums. TASCS also serves as a member resource for interpretation of state state regulations, access to state and federal legislators and identifying appropriate governmental agency contacts.

The Texas ASC Society provides industry representation and serves as the primary point of contact for issues related to the ASC industry. As the only surgery center trade association in Texas, TASCS is available to listen to your concerns and address them through the appropriate channels, either through legislative advocacy or regulatory representation.

Regular newsletters that serve as a resource for up-to-date and reliable information about state regulatory and legislative developments, changes at the Texas Department of State Health Services, Texas Department of Insurance and other state regulatory bodies. Many TASCS members join just to receive vital newsletter information. The TASCS newsletter keeps ASCs in the loop with developments in the health care industry.

Legislative and regulatory advocacy. TASCS represents surgery center interests in front of legislators, regulatory agencies, media, insurers and other organizations that impact the ASC industry. Through lobbying, TASCS supports legislation that is favorable to the Texas ASC industry and actively opposes harmful legislation. In 2005, TASCS successfully defeated legislation that would have stopped physician ownership of surgery centers. In 2013, TASCS defeated a bill that would have increased penalties for health code violations from $1,000 to $25,000 per violation, per day. Member dues support TASCS' ability to fight these attacks...without member support, surgery centers would not have a seat at the table.

Membership supports education through annual conferences, webinars and regional meetings. Membership also offers discounted registration fees for these events. TASCS educational events offer the opportunity to gain valuable CEUs for AORN and CASC and networking with surgery center colleagues.

Membership also offers numerous leadership opportunities to actively participate in TASCS through board membership, committee service, testifying before committees and other activities that directly allow members to help their fellow surgery centers and actively participate in activities that affect surgery centers. The Texas ASC Society board is composed entirely of member representatives.

TASCS membership offers discounts on all conferences, webinars and other materials. Members also receive discounts on products and services from many of our vendor members.

Networking through conferences and community forums. TASCS conferences bring ASC leaders from across the state together in a common location. TASCS community forums allow surgery centers to communicate directly with their colleagues on surgery center operations, policies and procedures, forms, and other topics that allow centers to look beyond their walls for vital information.

Professional Partner (vendor) membership:

Vendor membership offers companies that sell products and services to the ASC industry to gain exposure to the Texas surgery center market.

Subscription to regular newsletters and industry alerts that keep vendors aware of issues that are important to their prospective customers.  Vendor Highlights within the newsletters.

Free advertising on the TASCS website via rotating logo ads and logo placement in the monthly newsletter. 

Timely market information specific to the ASC industry through newsletters, members-only website content, social events and more. 

Exhibitor discounts at conferences. Annual conference exhibitor fees for non-members are $2,000; vendor members pay $1,500. A $1,000 annual vendor membership essentially has a net cost of $500 in addition to newsletters, ads and networking opportunities.

The opportunity to provide educational content at annual conferences and webinars.