Texas Legislative Updates

As a trade association for ambulatory surgery centers, the Texas ASC Society is an active participant in all regulatory and legislative activities at the Capitol in Austin. During legislative sessions, TASCS proactively sponsors legislation, ensuring that bills are supportive of the Texas surgery center industry and do not adversely impact ASCs. During the session, TASCS board members, committees, management and lobbyists monitor bills and committee meetings closely. TASCS and its members also testify before committee hearings and take formal positions on bills that may impact Texas ASCs.

The Texas ASC Society is also active during the interim, the time between legislative sessions which occur every two years in Texas. TASCS is involved with any committee meetings that may occur during the interim and monitors and responds to comments during the rules writing phase after new laws have been passed. TASCS also works closely with regulatory agencies such as TDI and Texas DSHS to ensure that surgery centers are actively involved with the government organizations that regulate them.

The Texas ASC Society Board, based on the recommendations of the Legislative Affairs Committee, approves TASCS' decision to support, oppose or stay neutral on a specific bill or topic. The LAC committee meets weekly on Friday's at 2pm CST to discuss updates from the Capitol. 

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