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Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) are a great location to earn clinical training hours. There are many different types of ASCs that you can earn your hours in. Centers can be single-specialty (where they focus on one type of specialty, for example, an Endoscopy Center) or multi-specialty (where they focus on several specialties, for example, pain, orthopedics and urology). 

Below you can find a list of centers that are actively participating in programs to provide clinical training opportunities. please contact the center directly to make arrangements for your program needs. 


ASC Information: 

Participating as a clinical training site is an extremely rewarding opportunity for an ASC. You are helping future healthcare workers gain the experience and knowledge they need to provide high quality care to patients in Texas. Resources are available to help you if you are interested in becoming a clinical training site. 

If you would like to sign up to be listed on this page as an ASC that offers clinical training, or if you have questions about getting started as a clinical training site, please complete this form for next steps.

ASC Clinical Training Site Form



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Program Name:  Surgical Technology Program.
Contact Information: Tammy Santarelli, 512-617-5738, [email protected]
Program Information:  Degree/ certificate-Associates in Applied Science in Surgical Technology
Graduation/ completion dates: We have graduation 2 times a year, but we have grad outs every 8 weeks.
Type of hours (if special request): Externs go from 6 to 1430
Amount of clinical hours: 896 hours total, with 120 cases to be qualified to sit for their CST exam.
Date hours needed by: First two rotations, they need 192 hours in 8 weeks, going Monday-Wednesday.  For the last two clinical rotations, they need 256 hours per 8 weeks, going Monday-Thursday.
Request for speakers: Would love to have speakers come during the week for upcoming externs.
Request for tours: Need module 6 students to have a tour and see cases.  



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Organization: Total Vascular Care

Contact Name: Jennifer Vazquez

Address Main:  215 N. San Saba, Suite 201, San Antonio Texas 78207

Email Main: [email protected]

Main Phone: 210-547-3430

How many students per week do you support?: 1

What are the qualifications required to participate at your center?: Final clinical rotation; Interest in vascular procedures

What services does your center offer?: Cardiovascular