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What is it? 

The Senate Bill (SB) 809 of the 87th Legislature was mandated by the Governor for Texas HHSC to collect federal COVID-19 funding data. 

When is it? 

Reporting is required monthly and is due as far back as January 2020. 

  1. Initial Report (January 2020 – August 2021)  Link to reporting If you are delinquent in submitting the Initial Form, please contact  HHSC PFD Survey

  2. Monthly reporting Link  Must be submitted each month for September 2021 to October 2022 to date (as of December 1st)

Future Months are due no later than 5pm on the 1st day of the second following month of the reporting period. For example, if a provider is submitting the October report, the due date is 5 pm on December 1st. 


Monthly reporting Link
Download a calendar reminder
View the form to prepare your information

 Need to Know

  • You will receive a confirmation page once your report has been fully completed and submitted. No email confirmation will be sent.
  • ASCs need only to complete sections 1-28. 
  • Per the HHSC site, you do not need to report PPP funds. 
  • Round dollar amounts to the nearest $1,000
  • The report is comprised of the following sections: (1) Provider Information; (2) Relief Funding Information; and (3) Legal Certification. Please answer all the questions.

Find more information, view the HHSC site under Monthly SB 809/Rider 143 COVID-19 Reporting

See if you're on the discrepancy list (as of November 15, 2022) HHSC is updating every Friday for data reported as of the previous Tuesday. See their website for an updated list under "SB 809/ Rider 143 COVID19 Reporting Healthcare Institute List". 

Questions for HHSC

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 HHSC Finance recently participated in a Town Hall with TASCS Members and addressed some important points you should know: 

  • Reporting is required, regardless of any funding received. 
  • Reporting is set to continue through September 2023 or until the legislature says otherwise. 
  • You cannot log in to change any previously submitted reports but you can submit another report and mark that it is a 'correction'. See the monthly reporting link below. 
  • If you are reporting for 3 or more centers, you can email this spreadsheet to [email protected]
  • If you are reporting for less than 3 centers, you can report in the online form and use one form for two centers, just separate the different HHSC IDs by a semicolon as long as the funding amounts are comingled or $0.
  • Failure to submit monthly data can result in a vendor hold and a report to the Department of State Health Services or HHSC Regulatory Services and potential adverse actions on your licensure and/or  HHSC may initiate payment holds for providers who fail to submit the required monthly reports.
  • This information, once completed and comprehensive, could be made public knowledge. In the meantime, it is being provided to the legislators per Rider 143. Accurate information is important as it could potentially be useful for the designation of emergency funds in the future. 

The most current rules and information are available on the HHSC website

Last Updated on Tuesday, November 22, 2022 11:07 AM