Grassroots Action

There are a number of ways TASCS members work to have their voices heard!

Bring Awareness to An Issue

TASCS can be the first stop in raising awareness of an issue. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us. Issues identified in one center may be more widespread or indicative of a trend that requires action. 

Host a Facility Tour

Facility tours provide a wonderful opportunity to show elected officials the quality and service that surgery centers deliver every day. It creates a strong impression to lawmakers who may have never set foot in an ASC. Get started here

Participate in ASCA's Washington D.C. Fly-In 

Participation in ASCA's Annual Washington Legislative Fly-In is an excellent opportunity to meet with U.S. lawmakers and their staff and advocate on behalf of the surgery center industry. The event, organized by ASCA, is well organized and a great way to support the ASC industry. 

Look Up a Bill, Hearing, Or Committee Meeting / Contact Your State Senator and Representative

Texas Legislature Online has a comprehensive website for everything related to the Texas Capitol. Elected officials want to hear from their constituents. Contacting them is easy, whether by phone or mail. If there is a specific bill in question, mention the bill by title and number when speaking with their office, and let them know how you feel about a particular piece of legislation.