The call for award nominations for 2020 is OPEN! Nominations will be accepted until January 24, 2020.

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ASC Patient Advocate Award

This award will be presented to a person who has taken initiative above and beyond to help improve patient care in the ASC setting. Nominations must include a cover letter describing the persons role in the ASC industry and their initiative in patient care.


 2019 Award Recipients: Ruth Maxwell, MPH, CASC & Dee Pete- Jones, RN, BSN, MBA

 Beginning in the summer of 2017, our center underwent an IRB approved, randomized controlled trial comparing use of the MKO melt to traditional anesthesia for cataract surgery.  Ruth Maxwell is the administrator of our center and from the very beginning was a champion for our cause.  The MKO melt was new to the ophthalmologic market and had not been previously studied.  Our surgeons were eager to use this new medication but without studies confirming its benefit, it was difficult to rationalize the increase in cost.  With Ruth’s support, our anesthesia team designed and implemented a 611 patient study in which we compared our traditional practice to use of the MKO melt.  As a follow-up study, Ruth allowed us to utilize the surgery center once more and conduct a pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics study using the MKO melt on healthy volunteers (most of our volunteers were staff from our very own center!).   The results were exciting and we continue to use the MKO melt as our primary anesthetic for cataract surgery, blazing the trail for a new way of doing ophthalmic anesthesia.


Posthumous Award Recipient: Dee Pete- Jones, RN, BSN, MBA

Dee lost a 14-month battle with cancer at the beginning of 2019, but she was such an amazing patient advocate that she was nominated to win a posthumous award. Dee has been a personal highlight at many TASCS functions. She brought laughter and seasoned advice to business dinners—whether you were asking about cataracts or child-rearing. She pushed herself to learn new things, enrolling in the TASCS Infection Seminar even while undergoing chemotherapy. As the Administrator of HEA Surgery Center, she brought patience and a good attitude to the workplace—no email unanswered and kindness for days. 


Past Winners:
2018        Patrick Rehm

Vendor of the Year Award

This award is presented to a vendor who has made positive changes in the ASC industry. Nominations must include a description of the vendors company, Texas client outreach, services and detailed information about how the company has made positive changes in the ASC industry.

2019 Award Recipient: Medline

 Congratulations Elena Savage and Medline! Elena has consistently been involved with lowering cost in the surgery centers as well as working with the offices to  assist with finding an alternative when necessary.  Elena has shown great professionalism as well as a very positive and upbeat personality!


Past Winners:
2018        HST Pathways

Rising Star Award

This award is presented to an  individual that works in an ASC and has shown significant growth in the ASC industry. Nominations must include a description of the individuals name, center, client outreach, and detailed information about how the individual has made an impact to the ASC industry and is making a difference in patient care. 

2019 Award Recipient: Adam Hornback, RN

Adam is an RN and serves as Administrator for an independent surgery center.  In the past 12 months Adam has driven record volume and profitability numbers while maintaining a safe environment with exceptional patient satisfaction.  Adam has implemented a successful total joint program with 23 hour stay and are looking to kick off their total hip program in the very near future. Adam has also spearheaded a price transparency initiative by posting surgery pricing online.  This initiative has driven new business to North Texas Team Care that likely would have gone elsewhere.   Adam and his team also successfully implemented an EHR and patient tracking system that has increases satisfaction of both patients & employees.  Adam has served on the TASCS  Board of Directors, has participated in ASC industry lobbying events both locally & federally and been featured by Becker’s ASC Review.  Adam is truly rising star in our industry.


Past Winners:
2018       James McClung

ASC Innovations Award

This award will be presented to a facility that has taken strides to create new and innovative programs within their facility. Nominations must include a cover letter describing the program innovation and how it has improved the facility.


2019 Award Recipient: Kelsey-Seybold ASC 

 When the Kelsey-Seybold ASC was renovated two years ago, we set into action a plan to deliver post-operative home prescriptions to the bedside in PACU. We call this program “Bedside Delivery,” and it is currently utilized by General surgery, Plastic surgery, ENT, Ophthalmology, Urology, and Orthopedic Surgery. As an organization with an in-house retail pharmacy at the same location as our ASC, a patient receiving a post-op home prescription before leaving the ASC could result in higher patient compliance with medication, as well as increased satisfaction. The patient would not have to stop by a pharmacy after a surgical procedure, and, could go straight home with both medication and instructions in hand along with their ASC discharge paperwork.