Each year at its annual conference, TASCS presents awards to leaders in the ambulatory surgery industry.

ASC Patient Advocate Award

This award is presented to a person who has taken initiative above and beyond to help improve patient care in the ASC setting. 

 2022 Winner: Amy Jones, PhD

Amy Jones is the head pharmacist at South Austin Hospital and an independent pharmacy consultant for ASCs. She has worked many years to support both fronts by applying concepts appropriately to each one respectively in regards to improving industries and patient care. Jones has helped to develop ASCs from the ground up and turn around ASCs with potential that needed modernization of pharmacy practices. Her understanding of how pharmacy connects to each aspect of ASC operations, focusing on patient care, has led her to make drastic changes in how pharmacy consultants are used in ASCs by demonstrating her desire for quality, admin development, and willingness to collaborate.  

 Past Winners:

2021        Teressa Dyson, CRNA
2020        Dianne Buffington, BSN, RN, CNOR
2019        Ruth Maxwell, MPH, CASC & Dee Pete- Jones, RN, BSN, MBA
2018        Patrick Rehm

Vendor of the Year Award

This award is presented to a vendor who has made positive changes in the ASC industry. 

2022 Winner: Tina Chan, Medline

Tina Chan has a continued dedication to the ASC industry in Texas and to TASCS and its members. She likes to collaborate with centers and think outside the box while working work with TASCS, RMS, and Mann Eye in regards to potential ASC industry game-changing process.

Past Winners:

2021        Cheryl Smith with McKesson
2020        Shannon Mitchell with SIS 
2019        Elena Savage with Medline
2018        HST Pathways

Rising Star Award

This award is presented to an individual that works in an ASC and has shown significant growth in the ASC industry. 

2022 Winner: Katie Pierson, DNP, RN, ONC

With a doctorate in nursing, Katie Pierson has helped to start or worked to improve several organizations in the ASC industry including MUVE, Pain Specialist of America, and Spicewood Surgery Center.

Pierson has stood up for the ASC industry by being pivotal in demonstrating her passion for Texas admin code, ASC patients, and where the ASC industry is/can be. Her increased involvement in TASCS can only be an asset for her organization and our industry. 

Past Winners:
2021       Kayla Schneeweiss-Keene, RN, BSN 
2020       Pat O'Leary
2019       Adam Hornback, RN
2018       James McClung, BSN

ASC Innovations Award

This award is presented to a facility that has taken strides to create new and innovative programs within their facility. 

2022 Winner: Mann Eye Institute 
Kayla Schneeweiss-Keene, RN, BSN, CASC
Mann Cataract Surgery Center 

Mann Eye has a commitment to examining each step of the ASC development and operations process in hopes of innovating ambiance and experience for Mann's patients and staff. The facility was opened in the Houston Museum District with a true opportunity to organize one of the industry's first certified integrated networks and is continuously working to be a change agent at every level of the healthcare and ASC industry.

Past Winners:

2021       North Texas Team Care
2020       Memorial Hermann Memorial Village Surgery Center
2019       Kelsey-Seybold ASC