TASCS is proud to present informational town halls every week. These virtual events provide education to those in the ASC industry.

Topics designed for any position in your center

Do you want to know the latest trends, technologies, and practices available for ASCs? Receive regular updates on rules and regulations? Do you want to ensure you're on top of all of your tasks and performing to the best of your ability? This town hall is for you!

Schedule is subject to change based on speaker availability, business demands, and holidays. 


Seeking Guidance on Implementing OAS CAHPS in Your Centers? Join Our 1-Hour Special Session to Explore Your Best Options! Seven Vendors Will Demonstrate Their Services, Helping You Choose What's Right for You. 

Vendors include: 
  1. Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc.
  2. Nexus Health Resources 
  3. Press Ganey 
  4. JL Morgan and Associates 
  5. Informed Decisions, Inc. 
  6. PRC Excellence 
  7. Survey Solutions by ICAHN 

Tuesday, June 18, 2024
2:00 - 3:00 pm


Free for all! 

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