ASCA Fly In June 2018


TASCS members participated in ASCA's Fly-In Day to advocate for ambulatory surgery centers. Participants from left to right are Zack Pocklington of Medline Industries, Inc., Ann Shimek of United Surgical Partners, Akshay Tavkar of Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, Adam Hornback of North Texas Team Care Surgery Center, Krista DuRapau of TASCS, Paul Dobellhoff of Surgical Information Systems and Amy Kyle of United Surgical Partners.



2018 Award Winners!

2018 Award Winners James McClung, BSN, RN (left) and Pat Rehm, RT(R) (right) - Administrators for Center for Specialty Surgery of Austin

Congratulations to James McClung for receiving the 2018 Rising Start Award and Pat Rehm for receiving the 2018 ASC Advocate Award



State Representative Dustin Burrows, District 83, 
toured the Texas Orthopedics Surgery Center in Northwest Austin


 Attendees left to right – Steve Blom, CASC (Administrator), Robert Knox, RN (Clinical Director), Krista DuRapau (TASCS Executive Director) and Representative Dustin Burrows, District 83.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018 State Representative Dustin Burrows, District 83, toured the Texas Orthopedics Surgery Center in Northwest Austin. Representative Burrows is a member of the House Agriculture & Livestock, Investments and Financial Services committees.

Burrows was in Austin meeting with stakeholders and asked to meet with the Texas Ambulatory Surgery Center Society (TASCS) “I have constituents back home in Lubbock who own, work and have their procedures performed in ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs)” Burrows said. He wanted to meet to learn more about the industry and the benefit ASCs provide to patients in Texas. 

“We discussed the high quality of care, the efficient operations, low infection rates and ability to save money for patients” said Steve Blom, CASC who is the administrator for the center. Representative Burrows had the opportunity to speak with several surgeons in the OR hallway in-between cases and get an appreciation as to why surgeons prefer an ASC to a Hospital. “Burrows was interested in the newer technology and advances in surgical procedures that allows ASC’s to perform total joint replacements” Blom stated.

Representative Burrows was able to have an in-depth conversation with Dr. J. Brannan Smoot, Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon about patients and surprise bills. “None of our patients are surprised with their bills after the procedure” stated Dr. Smoot. “These are elective procedures that are scheduled in advance, not an emergency, and our office communicates with the patient and their insurance carrier prior to the procedure and they know costs in advance and can make informed decisions”.

Clinical Director, Robert Knox, RN added that because of the advanced scheduling, their office can educate and counsel patients more about the procedure, expectations for recovery and help prepare them for a better experience.“It was amazing to have Representative Burrows reach out to us and take time to come tour the facility and see firsthand the benefits that ASCs provide to Texas patients. We hope that this year we can bring more legislators on tours and give everyone a more in depth look at what an ASC is and can do for patients” stated TASCS Executive Director Krista DuRapau.


Special Thanks to Texas Orthopedics for Hosting This Tour!

*Texas Orthopedics is currently in Phase 1 of expanding its 9,500 SF center with 3 ORs and 1 procedure room to add a new waiting room, pre-op and sterile processing area that should be completed by April 1, 2018.  Phase 2 of the expansion will add an additional 2 OR’s and will be ready in June 2018.*


November 8, 2017 Fundraising Event

Thank you to everyone who came out to support the TASCS PAC fundraiser last night!


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(Attendees left to right – Dr. Kikkeri, Dr. Schade, Representative Gooden, Heather Watson, RN (constituent), Adam Hornback, RN (administrator) and Dr. Port).  

“I have never toured a surgery center and I was surprised to see that a number of my constituents work there” stated Representative Lance Gooden R-District 4 from Terrell who toured the North Texas Team Care (NTTC) Surgery Center on Wednesday, September 27, 2017. Representative Gooden is a member of the House Insurance Committee and was invited by the Texas Ambulatory Surgery Center Society (TASCS) to participate in a tour and briefing to learn more about the ASC industry.

“We explained the significant cost savings, quality of care and safety at a surgery center for Texans who are Representative Gooden’s constituent in this briefing” stated Dr. C.M. Schade. Rep. Gooden was able to see firsthand all of the ASC operations, including a shoulder surgery post op procedure. “ If one of my family members were going to have an elective procedure, I would want them to have it in an ASC” stated orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Port.

Rep. Gooden was also able to watch a cervical injection performed by Dr. Kikkeri and watch the delicate placement of the needle into the epidural space and follow the patient through to the recovery area.

Rep Gooden remarked in a subsequent conversation with Executive Director Krista DuRapau, NTTC Administrator Adam Hornback, RN and NTTC doctors, Dr. Kikkeri and Schade, he was impressed with how many patients were there and how many different types of procedures were being performed in the ASC setting and he felt “more of his colleagues in the Legislature should tour a surgery center to learn how less costly surgery can be for their constituents”.

“We were delighted to host Rep. Gooden and given his remarks and insights, it confirmed that our industry needs to host more of these tours with more elected officials and provide more education” stated NTTC Administrator Adam Hornback, RN. 

 Special Thanks to North Texas Team Care for hosting this tour!