Benchmarking Surveys

Ensure your facility remains successful and competitive in 2019 by participating in ASCA’s two online benchmarking surveys: the Salary & Benefits Survey and the Clinical & Operational Benchmarking Survey.

Through an agreement between TASCS and ASCA, TASCS members receive ASCA’s discounted member pricing for both surveys.

Clinical & Operational Benchmarking Survey

Find out how your ASC’s performance measures up to similar facilities by subscribing to ASCA's annual Clinical & Operational Benchmarking Survey.

This valuable survey gives you access to a full year of national comparison data you can use to improve clinical outcomes, billing performance, staffing and more at your ASC.  

Survey content areas include volume, quality, operational measures, outcomes, complications, staffing and financial. The survey’s quarterly reporting schedule provides you with valuable insights throughout the year.

Participation is open to the entire ASC community. TASCS members can save more than $150 on survey subscriptions - contact TASCS for the promo code today!

Data collection for the first quarter closes April 30, so purchase your subscription today!

Salary & Benefits Survey

ASCA’s Salary & Benefits Survey is a vital tool that assists ASCs in attracting and retaining the best employees. It collects national, regional and state data on 20+ ASC positions, and allows you to benchmark your facility’s compensation packages with those offered at similar ASCs.

Data collection for the 2019 Salary & Benefits Survey will be open May 1–31, and results will be available in July. This survey will not be conducted again until 2021, so make sure your ASC participates this spring.

The Salary & Benefits Survey is open to all ASCs and there is no cost to participate. TASCS members that complete at least 40 percent of the survey will receive personalized results for free. 

TASCS members that don’t participate in the survey, or that complete less than 40 percent of the survey, can purchase results at ASCA’s discounted member price of $299 (savings of $100) - contact TASCS today for the promo code!

Note: This code will not work until survey results are available in July.

Note: Only certain contacts affiliated with your ASC have access to the survey. To add/change your ASC’s authorized survey contacts, please contact ASCA at [email protected] or 703.836.8808.